Biology Lab

Biology Lab School is provided with well equipped Biology lab Student are taught in most scientific manner using Specimens,model microscopes etc Well qualified and experienced teacher guide student through project and new researches. It is a perfect place of "learning by doing."

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab Chemistry laboratory is well maintained and equipped with umpteen facilities. Student are guided with umpteen facilities.Student are guided by the experience teacher to develop their knowledge and induced learning through regular practices.

Physics Lab

Physics Lab The laboratory is well equipped with latest sophisticated equipments like potentiometer , Sonometer, Optical bench,Resonance Apparatus etc.through which student foster their knowledge by doing experiments under the guidance of experienced and well qualified teacher.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab The school has two spacious and well furnished computer labs. One for junior student and other for senior student. Well qualified and long experience staff guide the student. Internet facility is being provided for the student. Ratio of computer and student is 1:1


Library School has a spacious, updated and rich library which houses more than 7000 books on various subjects. Many national journals, magazines, sports periodicals are subscribed on regular basis. It has pleasant and cosy ambience. The students are guided by the experienced well qualified librarians and teachers throught audio visual aid.

Music Room

Music Room The school has a very furnished and equipped room. Student are provided training in dancing,singing,playing,instrument like Piano,Guitar,Congo,Drum Pad,Octopod Synthesizer well qualified and experienced teacher. Thus the school lays emphasis on promoting the student to excel their talents in music, singing and dancing.


Sports We have sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have first class coaches from all over the world who are ready to help the students and teach the students how to beat the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship.


Priyankans... Always At The Forefront of Technology

  • We at P.M.S , enjoy being hi-tech. That is why, we are proud that P.M.S. has become the first "SMART CLASS" campus of district Bijnor.
  • 2 years before most people had been heard of the technology. But now, all the students of P.M.M. study throught modern technology and sharpen their knowledge under the guidence of trained faculty.
  • Smart class provides tools an contents for interactive self paced learning by students.
  • Student can grasp maximum subject content through audio-visual aid as they enjoy movies in cinema hall.
  • Students very easily and interestingly observe the complicated syllabus of their subjects by seeing the 4D animated live syllabus.